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Levitation Bluetooth Speaker

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Introducing the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker - a stunning combination of technology and art that delivers an amazing audio experience. This unique speaker is designed to float and spin above a magnetic base, without any physical contact, resulting in zero-loss audio streaming and an unparalleled sound quality. With a special sound guide cone, the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker creates an immersive, surround stereo effect that will transport you into the heart of your music. Featuring a 500mAh battery, this speaker is designed to last up to 8 hours on a single charge, making it perfect for music lovers on the go. The speaker also features a soft LED light design that enhances its visual appeal, and supports voice guidance, touch keys, and hand-free phone calls for added convenience. Crafted from lightweight and portable ABS material, the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect accessory to complement your home or office decor. Whether you're working, relaxing, or entertaining, this speaker delivers vivid, full-bodied music that will take your audio experience to new heights. HOW TO LEVITATE: Ensure the base is turned on and placed on a flat surface. Holding the orb in your hands, slowly lower it towards the center of the base. When you feel the orb start to levitate -- let go! Voila! To make the orb spin automatically, rotate the orb once manually to get it spinning in the desired direction. Product Specifications: Material: ABS Battery: 500mAh Playtime: 8 hours LED Light Design: Soft Compatibility: Mobile Phones, PCs Package Includes: 1 x Bluetooth Speaker, 1 x Levitating Base

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